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RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi
WLAN Management-as-a-Service


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RUCKUS Cloud Subscription Includes:

  • AP and switch management
  • Instant availability of new features
  • Free native mobile app for anywhere management
  • 24x7 phone/chat/web technical support
  • Choice of 1-, 3- or 5-year subscriptions
  • Management portal for MSPs and VARs
  • RESTful Open APIs

RUCKUS Networks Products
RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi
RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi 1 Year Subscription for 1 AP, US Hosted
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RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi 3 Years Subscription for 1 AP, US Hosted
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RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi 5 Years Subscription for 1 AP, US Hosted
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RUCKUS Cloud, RUCKUS's AI-enabled converged network management-as-aservice platform, simplifies deployment, monitoring and management of your single-site or geographically distributed multi-site wired and wireless network. Manage all of your wired and wireless networks from anywhere using the intuitive web interface or RUCKUS's native mobile app. Administrators get a unified ("single pane of glass") view of all venues, as well as connected access points (APs), switches and clients.

Simple and Intuitive Converged Management

Radically simplify wired and wireless network administrative tasks-from day-to-day management to setting up new venues and creating guest networks using built-in multisite management tools. Expedite provisioning, management, and control via intuitive intent-based workflows. Leverage configure once, deploy everywhere model to provision and manage your multi-site networks with speed and accuracy. RESTful Open APIs lets you automate using programming language of your choice. Native mobile app lets you provision, manage, and monitor the whole network from anywhere, anytime. Improve responsiveness to organizational needs while reducing IT overhead.

AI and Machine Learning-Driven Network Intelligence and Service Assurance

Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and patented machine learning techniques, RUCKUS Cloud gives you the troubleshooting tools to react quickly to service-affecting issues and to stop network anomalies from rising to the service-affecting level. It even classifies issues by severity, so you know where to focus first. Moreover, it not only identifies and surfaces incidents that are already service affecting but also provides root cause analyses and specific recommendations for resolving each incident. This helps you in troubleshooting with speed and precision. Simply put, RUCKUS Cloud enables you to meet SLAs that your business demands.

Exceptional End User Experiences

RUCKUS APs are known for exceptional Wi-Fi performance even under the most challenging network conditions. Low-latency, non-blocking architecture of multigigabit RUCKUS ICX switches ensures excellent throughput for the most demanding applications. RUCKUS Cloud lets you address the end user experience challenge from both angles: Industry-leading Wi-Fi APs and multigigabit ICX switches give you a rock-solid foundation. Machine learning and AI take care of the rest.

RUCKUS Cloud Web UI and mobile app


High Performance Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and 802.11ac APs

  • Patented BeamFlex™ and ChannelFly™ technologies in RUCKUS APs deliver better performance in challenging RF environments (high client density, high interference, and/or high loss)
  • Superior capacity and coverage than competitive solutions (30% to 50% more clients supported per AP) lower total cost of ownership
  • Automatic client load balancing and band balancing ensure QoS for all clients
  • SmartMesh, enabled with a click on the RUCKUS Cloud UI, reduces cabling and installation costs

Simple, Secure and Scalable Fixed Form-Factor RUCKUS Switches

  • Zero-touch deployment and configuration
  • Upgradable, flexible architecture
  • Industry-leading price/performance
  • Unique stacking capabilities simplify management
  • Switch stacking creation and management
  • Multigigabit Ethernet enables next generation wireless deployment

Intuitive UI and Intent-Based Workflows

  • Single-pane-of-glass web UI provides centralized visibility and control of venues, APs, switches, client details, and applications
  • View historical client data and trends
  • See the health of your network at a glance
  • Intuitive UI makes management easy for administrators, reducing dependence on specialized IT resources
  • Wizard-guided, intent-based workflows save time on everyday tasks

Reduced Unplanned Downtime

  • AI-enabled detection and prioritization of complex network issues without IT intervention
  • ML-powered network intelligence enables troubleshooting with speed and precision
  • End-to-end client to AP to switch visibility and trace routing enable IT to quickly detect and react to potential user experience degradation
  • Elasticsearch for comprehensive lookup
  • Instant notification of network status via SMS, mobile app push notification, or email

Easy, Flexible Guest and Employee Network Setup

  • Self-help or sponsored guest WLANs
  • Customized, branded captive portal for guests in six easy steps
  • Guest captive portal can be customized in 20+ languages
  • Integration with multiple RUCKUS validated third-party captive portal solutions
  • Multiple options to secure guest networks: Social login, SMS, email, clickthrough, passcode
  • Secure employee access using PSK, Cloudpath or 802.1X with AAA

Native Mobile App

  • Provision, monitor and manage your networks using the RUCKUS Cloud by CommScope mobile app
  • Get push notifications to alert you of network issues or changes
  • Scan AP or switch barcodes with your smartphone camera to register devices
  • Scan business cards to generate guest passes
  • Set up and configure new employee and guest networks
  • Customize captive portal messages and images on the go

Built-in Reporting and Analytics

  • Extensive report options, including traffic reports (by venue, AP, switch, SSID, radio), application visibility and unique clients
  • Up to 12 months of stored data to support long-term trending analysis
  • Reports available at granular intervals

Complete Investment Protection

  • Operational LAN, APs and switches even when RUCKUS Cloud subscription is no longer active
  • Complete flexibility to migrate from one management architecture to another without losing use of your RUCKUS APs or switches



ZoneDirector 1200

Smart Wi Fi Unleashed

RUCKUS Cloud Wi Fi



ZoneDirector-1200 Learn More Smart-Wi-Fi-Unleashed Learn More Ruckus-Cloud-Wi-Fi Learn More


ZoneDirector 1200



Number of APs supported

Up to 150

Up to 50

Virtually unlimited number of APs supported

Number of switches supported


Up to 8 switches

Virtually unlimited number of switches supported


Up to 4,000

up to 1,024

Clients per AP: refer to AP data sheet

Ethernet ports

2 Ethernet ports, auto MDX, autosensing 1GbE

Refer to selected AP data sheet



Authentication support

802.1X, Local database, Active Directory, RADIUS, LDAP

802/1x. local database, Active Directory, RADIUS, LDAPr

PSK, 802.1x, Active Directory, RADIUS, LDAP, SMS, social login, open

Guest networking/ captive portal

DHCP server

External or assigned

AP discovery and control

L2 / L3



SSID/WLAN support




Management Interface

Web GUI, FlexMaster

Web GUI, CLI, Unleashed Multi-Site Manager

Web GUI and native mobile application

Remote Management




Management protocol(s)




VLAN support

Dynamic VLANs


Dynamic VLANs

Data Plane

Tunneling or local breakout

Local breakout

Local breakout

Power supply

DC or AC


APs powered using PoE or optional power supply





SKU/Part number


Refer to Unleashed data sheet for supported devices

Refer to RUCKUS Cloud data sheet for supported devices


Captive portal

Switch Management

AP Traffic



Cloud Simplicity with Better Wi-Fi

Cloud Simplicity with Peace of Mind

Cloud Simplicity with Intuitive Management

Cloud Simplicity with Ultimate Scalability

RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi Demo


Download the RUCKUS Cloud Datasheet (.PDF)

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Pricing Notes:

RUCKUS Networks Products
RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi Subscription for 1 AP
RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi 1 Year Subscription for 1 AP, US Hosted
Our Price: Request a Quote
RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi 3 Years Subscription for 1 AP, US Hosted
Our Price: Request a Quote
RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi 5 Years Subscription for 1 AP, US Hosted
Our Price: Request a Quote
RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi Subscription Renewal for 1 AP
RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi 1 year subscription renewal for 1 AP, US hosted
Our Price: Request a Quote
RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi 3 year subscription renewal for 1 AP, US hosted
Our Price: Request a Quote
RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi 5 year subscription renewal for 1 AP, US hosted
Our Price: Request a Quote
RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi 5 year subscription renewal for 1 AP, US hosted, SLED pricing
Our Price: Request a Quote