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Service Provider
Unlock New Revenues and Customer Experiences with Wi-Fi

We understand that different service providers have different requirements and focal points: time to market, virtualization, Opex, Capex, incremental revenue, just to name a few. That's why we provide RUCKUS's customers with multiple options and architectures and work together to identify the right path.

RUCKUS's solutions are built to enable service providers to deliver high performance, always-on wireless services at significantly lower cost and complexity of conventional alternatives. Managed services, public Wi-Fi and offloading data traffic are just some of RUCKUS's areas of extensive service provider expertise. RUCKUS's portfolio also includes secure and automated device enablement, location based services, forward leaning in-building LTE solutions, optimized Wi-Fi calling and more.

Let RUCKUS help power a wireless offering that best fits your needs, and those of your customers.

Managed Service Provider (MSP):

Grow Your Business with Simple, Scalable Managed Wi-Fi Services

A few years ago, Wi-Fi was a “nice-to-have” amenity. Today, it’s seen as a utility, as much a luxury as electricity or indoor plumbing. Whether it’s employees in enterprises large and small, shoppers in retail stores or visitors in large public venues, we’re addicted to RUCKUS's Wi-Fi. And businesses and venue operators better deliver.

This insatiable thirst for Wi-Fi is a huge business opportunity for managed services providers (MSPs). Because let’s face it: businesses may know they need to deliver reliable Wi-Fi; that doesn’t mean they’re excited about taking on the costs and administrative overhead of doing it themselves. MSPs can make great Wi-Fi as simple for their customers and flipping on a light switch. RUCKUS can help.

Deliver Faster, Easier, More Stable Wi-Fi to Customers

RUCKUS makes it easy to deliver great Wi-Fi in practically any business or public venue. Take advantage of high-capacity 802.11ac, mesh networking, adaptive antenna technology and other RUCKUS Smart Wi-Fi technology breakthroughs to provide fast, reliable connections to every user, even in high-density environments.

Boost Revenues

For MSPs, managed Wi-Fi is a monthly recurring revenue stream for a service their customers desperately need. But it's also an opportunity to up-sell other services like broadband backhaul, securityand location based services. . And it gets an MSP's foot in the door at new sites ahead of competitors, providing a sustainable competitive advantage.

Use a System Built for Growth

Taking the complexity out of Wi-Fi is great for your customers, but it's not sustainable for your own business if your services are a nightmare to operate and scale. The solution is network functions virtualization (NFV)-virtualizing managed WLAN instances so you can turn them up and down for your customers quickly, at scale, at the lowest possible cost.

RUCKUS' virtual SmartZone solution, the virtualized version of RUCKUS's industry-leading SmartCell Gateway 200, provides a platform for "pay as you grow" managed Wi-Fi. Designed to integrate seamlessly with VMware and KVM environments, you can control flexible WLAN services for all of your customers. You can simplify your managed services practice by automating scale-up and scale-out functions for multiple tenants. And you can continually adapt to the changing needs of your business and customers, while ensuring a superior wireless experience.

Mobile Network Operators (MNO):

Extend your Coverage and Capacity Everywhere with WiFi

The good news: your subscribers have a near unquenchable thirst for high-speed mobile services. The bad: meeting that demand is getting a lot harder and more expensive.

For many carriers, the cost of transporting data is outpacing revenues. Markets are getting more congested-leading to dropped sessions, slower performance and frustrated subscribers. And as the competition works every angle to snare your customers, high churn rates are just adding to your costs.

Don't sweat it, RUCKUS has you covered. By complementing your cellular footprint with Smart Wi-Fi technology, you can scale your capacity, efficiency and reach at a fraction of the cost of conventional macro alternatives. You can deliver always-on indoor/outdoor wireless services that keep your customers happy and your bottom line in the black.

Elevate the Subscriber Experience with Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi

You've done a great job setting the bar for 3G/4G services. So much so that many subscribers now view mobile broadband as a basic utility-turn it on and it's there. Now, you can use RUCKUS Smart Wi-Fi technology breakthroughs to deliver the same carrier-class experience over unlicensed spectrum.

Use high-capacity 802.11ac technology, adaptive mesh networking and RUCKUS's patented BeamFlex+ antenna technology to provide reliable, high-performance broadband anywhere. You can even extend your reach to places where fixed line or macro wireless technology is unavailable or too expensive-without licensing costs, long lead times or complex configurations.

Offload Traffic and Protect Your Network

What’s the subscriber experience like in your densest “hot zones”? In many crowded urban markets, dropped calls and sluggish Internet speeds are the norm. Unfortunately, so is subscriber churn from frustrated customers.

RUCKUS can help. We provide state-of-the-art adaptive antenna technology to bring stronger signals to more subscribers. We seamlessly integrate Wi-Fi networks with evolved packet core. Let us help you offload cellular traffic to Wi-Fi networks in high-congestion and fast-growing areas. You can deliver a better experience in your toughest environments while extending the life and value of your macro investment.

Wi-Fi Calling that Supports Your Brand

Growth is good. But if coverage and capacity limitations in congested areas lead to bad user experiences, you won't be growing for long. One of the fastest ways to beef up capacity in high-traffic areas is to offload voice calling to RUCKUS Smart Wi-Fi infrastructure.

RUCKUS' patented BeamFlex+ antenna technology optimizes radio signals for each and every connected user, and RUCKUS's advanced quality-of-service (QoS) intelligence prioritizes voice traffic to ensure crystal-clear calls. Use Wi-Fi to deliver consistent voice quality for your users and protect your brand, while prolonging the life of existing macro investments.

Multiple System Operators (MSO):

Unlock New Revenues and Customer Experiences with Wi-Fi

You already own the home. You've captured a big chunk of the enterprise. But if you're like most multiple service operators (MSOs), you're looking to grow your business even more. Wi-Fi is proving to be one of the most effective weapons in your arsenal to do it.

Look at it this way: You already have an extensive network plant-sometimes even an aerial plant-throughout your coverage area. By deploying RUCKUS Smart Wi-Fi infrastructure on top of it, you can extend your services and your brand to more users in more places. You can reward your loyal subscribers with easy broadband access across your market and beyond. And you can open up new incremental revenue streams while you do it.

Capture New Revenues

With competition fierce and subscriber churn high, you're already feeling the pricing pressure. You need to find new revenue sources wherever you can. Wi-Fi is a great way to do it.

First, by giving your subscribers free, branded mobile Wi-Fi in more places, you can keep them happier and reduce churn-one of most MSOs' biggest costs. At the same time, a broad Wi-Fi footprint opens the door to new business models-Smart City partnerships with municipalities, managed enterprise WLAN partnerships with cellular providers, Wi-Fi-powered location and analytics services, and more.

Bring Better Wireless to Businesses

RUCKUS makes it easy to deliver a superior wireless experience to your enterprise and small business customers. With RUCKUS's Smart Wi-Fi breakthroughs in mesh networking, adaptive antenna technology and other areas, you can bring fast, reliable managed WLAN services to businesses at a fraction of the cost and effort of conventional Wi-Fi alternatives.

Onboard Devices Simply and Securely

Wi-Fi and other MSO services can be a match made in heaven. Don't let the marriage turn sour by making it a pain for subscribers to connect their devices, or failing to properly protect their wireless traffic.

RUCKUS CloudPath certificate-based onboarding makes Wi-Fi access simple and seamless-for both your subscribers and your business. Your users can connect any device, anywhere in seconds, through a branded self-service portal. They can log on once and never have to enter credentials again. They can communicate using the gold standard in wireless encryption. And you can manage everything-across your network footprint and beyond-centrally through the cloud.