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Location Services
Drive Efficiency, Engagement and Revenue

Location, location, location: it's not just for real estate anymore. If you're going to make the most of your venue, it's time to start measuring location in meters rather than miles.

Here's the deal: regardless of the space you operate (convention center, retail store, campus, public stadium), your users are on their mobile devices. Take a step back and look at this phenomenon for what it is: a brand new channel to give more value to and get more value from your visitors.

With Wi-Fi location services, you can better understand and engage with visitors as they move through your space. All of a sudden, each mobile connection becomes an opportunity to influence decisions at the point of purchase, tap into new revenue streams and deliver better customer experiences.

YFind is now RUCKUS

Build Better Experiences with Location Awareness

In high-traffic venues like convention centers, airports, stadiums and shopping malls, visitors expect guest access. Most venues now provide it with a captive portal. But that's just one touchpoint-and one that visitors typically speed through as fast as they can to get online.

RUCKUS can help you capitalize on Wi-Fi in more ways and places. Use your Smart Wi-Fi network to bring visitors useful information, tailored specifically to who and where they are. Partner solutions like RaGaPa can transparently insert custom content-venue maps, targeted promotions, surveys and videos-into any HTTP page your visitors are browsing.

Unlock New Revenues with Presence and Context-Aware Engagement

RUCKUS Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT) can help you track and visualize footfall traffic throughout your venue. Combine it with partner solutions from AisleLabs, Purple, Cloud4Wi, Encapto and others to engage with visitors in real time, based on where they are and what they're doing in your space. So you can get your message out exactly where and when it matters most.

Recover Student and Guest Notebooks and Tablets

On any large campus-academic, healthcare or enterprise-people are using all manner of institutional or IT-owned devices. And those devices have a tendency to disappear. Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly where they are at all times? With RUCKUS SPoT asset tracking, you can easily see and manage all of your devices in real time to reduce theft and loss.

Capitalize on Proximity

Retailers, hotels, public venues and advertisers aren't relying on Wi-Fi alone to engage with visitors. Many now use networks of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons to fuel proximity-based engagement. With a RUCKUS Smart Wi-Fi network with integrated Gimbal and iBeacon capabilities, you can manage and monitor beacon proximity networks alongside your Wi-Fi. Use BLE to securely connect with business partners, sponsors and digital ad networks to monetize Wi-Fi and provide more targeted engagement.